Document Management

Scanning, Tracking, Viewing and Reporting

IOD document management includes document conversion services and image capture technology for flexible scanning, plus comprehensive solutions for tracking, viewing and reporting on electronic documents.

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HIM Scanning

IOD’s HIM Scanning solution converts the paper charts for your discharged patients into electronic images on a daily basis, typically making them available within 24 hours or less.

Having these records quickly available in the electronic medical record or your EDMS can improve continuity of patient care and enable faster access to the content by your coders, reducing the overall billing cycle.

Point-of-Care Scanning

IOD’s Point-of-Care Scanning solution enables you to bring the scanning device to each document’s point of origination, whether this is at registration, prior to a procedure or near the patient’s bedside, consistent with evolving EHR trends.

This process can make these documents available electronically in a matter of minutes.

Backfile Conversion

Backfile Conversion is the process of converting historical paper charts into an electronic format, which can then be delivered to the electronic medical record, your EDMS, or IOD’s PRISM View product.

This process eliminates the cost of storing paper records and makes access to the medical record easier for improved patient care.


IOD’s Document Management products are a complete solution for securely tracking, viewing and reporting on electronic versions of scanned documents.

PRISM Transform

IOD’s PRISM Transform gives you complete workflow visibility that shows the exact location of documents, from the time each paper document is delivered to IOD’s document conversion service area to the time at which the document is delivered electronically to your electronic document management system (EDMS). This gives key personnel the real-time, HIPAA-compliant support they need at every step of the HIM process for complete accountability and transparency.


PRISM View is an online repository that delivers on-demand access and storage for sensitive patient data converted from paper to electronic form through document conversion services. This provides a secure, hosted electronic repository to cost-effectively store and manage electronic images for customers who do not have an EDMS.

PRISM Analytics

IOD’s PRISM Analytics generates on-demand metrics regarding documents converted with IOD image capture solutions, using data compiled on a continuous basis and stored for ready retrieval. These metrics can be conveniently displayed at any time for review in standard reports and dashboards, which are also customizable to deliver specialized insight as needed.