IOD Incorporated Acquires ApeniMED Technology to Streamline Release of Information Efforts

Integration of ApeniMED’s health information exchange technology will expedite fit for purpose records exchange and improve workflow

GREEN BAY, Wis.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–IOD Incorporated, the leader in full-suite health information management (HIM) solutions for hospitals, healthcare systems and clinics, today announced its acquisition of ApeniMED. Based in Minneapolis, Minn., ApeniMED is a leader in healthcare interoperability and Healtheway (formerly the Nationwide Health Information Network Exchange) connectivity.

The acquisition brings additional value to IOD customers by further augmenting IOD’s efforts to facilitate the efficient and meaningful exchange of health information based on the latest industry standards and protocols. In fact, IOD, the nation’s largest Health Information Handler utilizing the CMS’ esMD™ platform for the electronic delivery of RAC medical record requests, has worked closely with ApeniMED since 2011 leveraging its eAudit technology for esMD submissions.

In addition to eAudit, ApeniMED provides industry-leading solutions that leverage the power of Healtheway to facilitate more timely and meaningful health information exchange. These solutions, including eDetermine for fully automating social security determinations between the SSA and providers, fill the gap in health information management left by the industry’s move to electronic health records (EHR). This technology, combined with IOD’s PRISM® platform, further extends the value of health information exchange to clients by enabling the critical exchange of clinical data, and transforming these exchanges into the business transactions central to most release of information requests.

“The standards based automation of disability determination, leveraging ApeniMED’s eDetermine platform and Healtheway, is an example of the future of health information requests in today’s electronic world,” said George Abatjoglou, CEO of IOD. “With Meaningful Use 2, ICD-10, ACOs and other regulatory requirements consuming the mindshare of EHR vendors, we know ApeniMED’s forward-thinking technology will benefit our customers seeking to leverage their EHR investments outside of the clinical realm.”

IOD’s more robust product suite, including the addition of ApeniMED products, will arm healthcare organizations with a full-service health data intermediary that ensures the right health information is delivered to the appropriate person in the most meaningful manner for the intended business use—ultimately impacting operational performance.

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